Omafuru Foundation is organizing its Fourth Annual Essay Writing Competition to commemorate the World Environment Day 2019.


Indiscriminate Disposal of Plastic Wastes: Dangers, Challenges and Solutions


First Prize:       N30, 000

Second Prize: N20, 000

Third Prize:     N10, 000

10 Consolation prizes of N1, 000 each

Plus: Trophies for schools of top three contestants


Entry Guidelines:

  1. The competition is open to Junior Secondary School Students in Warri, Delta State.


  1. Essays should not exceed 1,000 words.


  1. Each essay will be assessed on the extent to which it addresses the topic, demonstrates excellent writing quality, presents and analyzes original and/or innovative ideas.


  1. Only one application per participant will be permitted. Multiple applications will lead to immediate disqualification.


  1. All entries must be the students’ original work.  While we recognize that existing sources will be used for inspiration and research, Omafuru Foundation reserves the right to disqualify an entry if plagiarism is suspected.


  1. All research sources must be properly referenced


  1. There are no fees associated with submitting an essay or being considered for selection.


  1. Two (2) documents per applicant should be submitted:
  • A Cover Page (With ONLY the applicant’s name, contact number and name of school)
  • The Essay (NO personal details of the applicant should be written on this)


  1. Submissions can be made either in electronic or handwritten form.


  1. Handwritten submissions
  • Must be written on foolscap or ruled A4 sheets.
  • Submit at Omafuru Foundation’s branch office at E-Clicks Solutions in DSC Shopping Mall, Steel Town 1, Orhuwhorun.


  1. Electronic submissions must adhere strictly to these specifications:
  • Font type: Times New Romans; Font Size: 12
  • Line Spacing: 1.5; Justified formats only
  • Name your two documents in the following manner:
    • For example, Collins Uriemefe submitting his entry would name his files:



  1. Selection of the winners will be done by a panel appointed by Omafuru Foundation.


  1. In all matters related to the essay competition, the decision of the panel and Omafuru Foundation shall be final and conclusive.


  1. Omafuru Foundation promises to run this contest fairly, ethically and with integrity.


  1. All submissions are due no later than 5:00pm for handwritten entries and 11:59pm for electronic submissions on Monday May 20, 2019.


  1. Winners will be contacted and published on the official website of Omafuru Foundation after an assessment of all entries in the month of June, 2019.


  1. By submitting an entry for this essay competition, the contestant agrees to the conditions stated above and permits Omafuru Foundation to publish his/her essay on its official website or any other medium where necessary.


For further inquiries, please email: info@omafurufoundation.org



Yours Sincerely,

Michael Akusu Jr.

Director of Operations

Omafuru Foundation