2019 Spelling Bee Competition

Omafuru Foundation, a non-governmental and non-profit organisation committed to promoting academic excellence and hard work, hereby requests the presence and active participation of all senior secondary schools in Warri, Delta in her annual Spelling Bee Competition which will take place from 5th December, 2018 to 8th February, 2019.

This competition which is in line with the core values of Omafuru Foundation is geared towards helping students develop their vocabulary as well as improve their reading, comprehension, reasoning and public speaking skills. Participation is absolutely free and requires no financial commitment from the contestants or the schools they represent.

Timeline of events for the Spelling Bee Competition is as follows:

Deadline for expression of interest to participate               –          5th December, 2018

  • Each school is required to fill and submit the EOI form to Omafaru Foundation’s branch office at E-Clicks Solutions, DSC Shopping Mall, Steel Town I, Orhuwhorun.

Qualification Rounds (Inter-School Spelling Bee)              –          11th January – 1st February, 2018

  • Participating schools are to send TWO Each school will be placed randomly in one of four groups where they will compete with other schools within the same group. The top school from each group will progress to the final.

Grand Finale                                                                                  8th February, 2018

  • Winners of the Qualification Rounds battle for the top prize

Please see attached rules for this competition.

We look forward to seeing your school take an active part in this exciting and challenging academic contest which will no doubt assist in promoting our values and advance knowledge.

Yours sincerely

Michael Akusu Jr.

Director of Operations

Omafuru Foundation