Result of 2017 World Environment Day Essay Competition

Omafuru Foundation joined the rest of the world in commemorating this year’s World Environment Day on June 5, 2017. We are constantly reminded of the need to respect and protect our environment in order to ensure a safer and sustainable environment for us and future generations. As part of our resolve to awaken people to make a conscious effort to understand and protect the environment they live in, we organized our 2nd annual essay writing competition involving junior secondary school students in Warri, Delta State, with the theme, Promoting Waste Management for a Cleaner and Healthier Warri.


Our objective is to sensitize residents in our various communities to join hands in promoting a cleaner and healthier society. All hands must be on deck to ensure that waste disposal activities are properly managed to bring about a sustainable environment.


The remarkable success of the 2017 annual essay competition gives an indication that one of the goals of Omafuru Foundation is being achieved: creating a sustainable environment. The competition has grown in popularity with increased participation as indicated by the figures below.




We thank the school principals and teachers that made it possible for the students to participate. We also appreciate our panel of judges for their painstaking effort in going through the entries and the arduous task of selecting the winners. In selecting the winners, they considered the content, grammar, originality and illustration of all the entries. After a rigorous selection process, the following students were selected as the eventual winners:


1st Position      – Odesiri Oyoma                          (DSC Technical High School)

2nd Position      – Tibekpe Ruth                           (Cradle Bridge Schools, Ekete)

3rd Position      – Ojieh Miracle Ikechukwu       (College of Education Demonstration Sec Sch)


Odesiri suggested research in areas of waste recycling and recovery as a solution which will identify existing potentials for additional environmental benefits in the most cost-effective manner. According to her, ‘cleaner technologies with effective standardization and more eco-efficient production and consumption patterns should be employed to minimize waste generation and the wide range of impact during their production and use phases.’


From Ruth’s perspective, getting involved in partnership with other governmental organizations in tackling problems involving waste management will be of great advantage. She also believes that working with the local government to promote the separation of hazardous waste in the home is another way of promoting waste management. ‘We should be able to encourage our local government to create comprehensive and effective ways to manage policies and regulations for the community and country at large in accordance with the environment.’


Ikechukwu on the other hand, identified ‘provision of workshops for a group of people including the head of the community on the impact of improper waste disposal and how to engage people in the waste management process.’ This group, according to Ikechukwu, will be the core team to disseminate information to the community and play a very important role in engaging people in the process.


The judges believe the following students also raised many interesting ideas for the promotion of a better waste management culture in Warri and hence deserve the 10 consolation prizes:


1. Aki Christabel Cradle Bridge Schools, Ekete
2. Alasa Peace Jenny Secondary School, Ekete
3. Dibiaezue Chidinma DSC Technical High School, Orhuwhorun
4. Eghwere Joy Kevwe DSC Technical High School, Orhuwhorun
5. Etinagbedia Godgift Elohor DSC Technical High School, Orhuwhorun
6. Ohre F. Miracle St. Michael Schools, DSC S/T 1, Orhuwhorun
7. Oyebamiji Timothy Ayomide Federal Government College, Warri
8. Peter I. Sarah St. Michael Schools, DSC S/T 1, Orhuwhorun
9. Tibekpe Emmanuel Jenny Secondary School, Ekete
10. Ugbo Oghenekome DSC Technical High School, Orhuwhorun



Prizes will be awarded to the winners at their respective schools on a day agreed with the school management. We congratulate the winners and appreciate the efforts of all who submitted entries. It is our desire that more students will participate in future competitions.


Omafuru Foundation would like to apologise for the delay in releasing the results of this year’s competition. We are once again challenging everyone to play a part in protecting our environment to make the world a better place for us and for future generations to live in.



Michael Akusu Jr.

Director of Operations