Spelling Bee Competition


Omafuru Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization committed to the advancement of humankind through the promotion of essential societal norms such as knowledge, hardwork, creativity and honesty, hereby requests the presence and active participation of your school in her Spelling Bee Competition which will take place from 31st March to 16th June, 2017.

This competition which is in line with the core values of Omafuru Foundation is geared towards helping students develop their vocabulary as well as research and improve their reading, comprehension, reasoning and public speaking skills. Participation is absolutely free and requires no financial commitment from the contestants or the schools they represent.


Sequence of Events

Deadline for expression of interest to participate               –          31st March, 2017

  • Each school is required to fill and submit the tear off portion attached to this letter to Omafaru Foundation’s branch office at E-Clicks Solutions, DSC Shopping Mall, DSC Steel Town I.

Qualification Rounds (Inter-School Spelling Bee)             –          8th May – 2nd June, 2017

  • Participating schools are to send TWO Each school will be placed randomly in one of four groups where they will compete with other schools within the same group. The top school from each group will progress to the final.

Grand Finale                                                                                  16th June, 2017

  • Winners of the Qualification Rounds battle for the top prize

Please see below rules for this competition.




NOTE: These rules will be used at all levels of the competition by all contestants. 

  1. The competition is open to all senior secondary school students from schools that have declared interest in participating.
  2. Upon confirmation of interest to participate, each school will be placed randomly in one of four groups for the Qualification Rounds preceding the final.
  3. Each school will be required to send TWO (2) CONTESTANTS to the Qualification Round. (Both contestants will work together for the school they represent)
  4. Only one school from each of the Groups in the Qualification Rounds will proceed to the Final where four schools will battle for the top prize.
  5. The Spelling Master will be in-charge of the competition.
  6. The Spelling Master will ask each competitor in turn to spell the words assigned.
  7. Each contestant will spell a total of THREE (3) WORDS in each of the FOUR-ROUND
  8. Each contestant will need to speak loud and clear for the judges to hear as they spell each word assigned.
  9. When spelling the word assigned, the contestant will be required to spell the word and repeat the word after spelling which will indicate that the contestant is finished.
  10. The contestants will be given the opportunity to correct themselves if they stumble or otherwise make a mistake that they are aware of prior to pronouncing the word signifying the end of the spelling.
  11. Each contestant has up to sixty (60) seconds to spell a word.
  12. Once the student repeats the word after spelling it, this indicates to the Spelling Master that he/she has finished and he/she cannot try to make a correction.
  13. When the student has repeated the word after spelling it, The Spelling Master will answer “correct” or “incorrect”.
  14. If the student was incorrect, the Spelling Master will spell the word for the student correctly.
  15. No bonus points will be awarded to any school
  16. At the end of the fourth round, the winner will be determined by the school with the highest number of points.
  17. In the event of a tie, an additional round will be conducted to determine the winner.
  18. The spelling Master may ask the student to explain the meaning of a word after spelling it correctly but this will not lead to any bonus/additional point or a reduction in the points already gained.
  19. Contestants are expected to arrive early (typically 30 minutes before the planned start time) to the venue and dressed in the regular school uniforms.
  20. Contestants will not be allowed access to mobile phones or any form of electronic media device that may give an undue advantage.



Good luck to all contestants.

We look forward to seeing your school take an active part in this exciting and challenging academic contest which will no doubt assist in promoting our values and advance knowledge.


Michael Akusu Jr.

Director of Operations