Website Publication on World Environment Day, 2016

Omafuru Foundation joins the entire universe in commemorating this year’s edition of the World Environment Day. We are constantly reminded of the need to respect and protect our environment in order to ensure a safer and sustainable environment for future generations.

By adopting more efficient steps in energy consumption, there would be a great decrease in pollution. Burning of fewer fossil fuels to produce energy will lead to the release of fewer polluting gases and particles into the air. Consequently, our environment would be cleaner and healthier. There would also be a massive reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

As part of our resolve to awaken people to make a conscious effort to understand and protect the environment they live in, we organized our maiden annual essay writing competition involving JSS2 students within the DSC/Orhuwhorun/Ovwian communities. Participants were required to write on the benefits of energy conservation to the environment.

Omafuru Foundation would like to thank the Principals and teachers that have made it possible for the JSS 2 students to participate in this essay competition.

It was a keenly contested completion amongst all participants. In selecting the winners, our panel of judges, considered the content, grammar, originality and illustration of all the entries. The following students were  selected as  eventual winners after a rigorous selection process:

1st Position      –           Uriemefe Collins         (DSC Technical High School)
2nd Position      –           Okoromado God’stime      (DSC Technical High School)
3rd Position      –           Tibekpe Emmanuel         (Jenny Secondary School, Ekete)

Consolation Prizes:

  1. Etinagbedia Godgift                   –           DSC Technical High School
  2. Agboman C. Kejone                    –           DSC Technical High School
  3. Keboh Christabel                         –           Jenny Secondary School, Ekete
  4. Egharebha O. Jennifer                –           DSC Technical High School
  5. Alasa Peace                                    –           Jenny Secondary School, Ekete
  6. Omosefe L.B. Victoria                  –           Love Schools, DSC
  7. Ezuzu Okeoghene Juliet              –           Love Schools, DSC
  8. Ibeh O. Jesu Tekevwe                   –           Ovwian Secondary School
  9. Odafe Praise                                    –           Ovwian Secondary School
  10. Akhigbe O. Favour                         –           DSC Technical High School

Prizes will be awarded to the winners at their respective schools on a day agreed by the school management.

We would like to congratulate the winners of this maiden competition; we also appreciate the efforts of all who submitted entries. It is our desire that more students will participate in future editions of the competition.

Omafuru Foundation is challenging you today to make a conscious effort to protect your environment in order to make the world a better place for us and for future generations to live in.

Thank you.

Michael Akusu Jr.
Director of Operations